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We understand very well the stress associated with your move. Beyond the boxes and furniture, there is your property that you leave in the hands of movers.

Mondem Express will act responsiblysafely, and efficiently while providing you a timely service, in the most thorough and
courteous manner.

We offer a range of services and packages that meet your needs, at a competitive price.

We will take care of everything, including the wrapping, packing and unpacking of your goods, furnitures and precious objects if you so wish.

You can then relax without any worries and let us handle your move. Mondem Express, moving and storage, also offers you services for dismantling and assembling furniture.

In addition we offer complete storage services in clean, environmentally controlled and secure warehouses if you wish to store your goods for a short or long period of time.

By visiting this site or talking to one of our representatives, you will receive a free estimate and any other information relevant to
your move.

Subsequently, we will provide you with a detailed contract which will include all the discussed arrangements and our guarantee of service.

In addition, we hold a liability insurance which further protects you for your move or storage needs.

Whether your move is small or large, on the other side of the city or the Province of Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, in North America or overseas, we will live up to our commitments.

Montreal, Longueuil, Laval, Quebec City, Levis, Vancouver, Halifax or Toronto: we will be there and Mondem Express will follow you in each and every step of your move.

During your move, clean and reusable items or furnitures that you no longer need, will be transported without charge to a donation center that helps people in need.

Day in and day out, dedicationcommitment and efficiency define the customer service offered by Mondem Express movers.

As owner and operator of our own family business, we wish to extend our values to every family that we move over the years.

Mondem Express offers a deduction of $5.00/hour on our moving services if your current or new location is a senior residency.

Our services include:

  • Protection of your furnitures with quilted blankets
  • Mattress protectors
  • Wardrobe boxes for your clothes on hangers
  • Protective carpets to cover your floors


Packaging deals


  • 85
    • $
    • +taxes

  • 10 small boxes
    10 medium boxes

  • 1 small roll of wrapping paper
  • 1 roll of packing tape
  • 1 marker
    1 box cutter
  • 1 mattress protector
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  • 199
    • $
    • +taxes
3 ½
  • 15 small boxes
    30 medium boxes
    10 big boxes
    2 wardrobe boxes
  • 1 big roll of wrapping paper
  • 2 rolls of packing tape
  • 1 marker
    1 box cutter
  • 2 mattress protectors
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  • 399
    • $
    • +taxes
4 ½
  • 30 small boxes
    50 medium boxes
    30 big boxes
    4 wardrobe boxes
  • 2 big rolls of wrapping paper
  • 4 rolls of packing tape
  • 2 markers
    2 box cutter
  • 4 mattress protectors
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  • 499
    • $
    • +taxes
5 ½ et plus
  • 45 small boxes
    50 medium boxes
    30 big boxes
    4 wardrobe boxes
  • 3 big rolls of wrapping paper
  • 5 rolls of packing tape
  • 4 markers
    4 box cutter
  • 6 mattress protectors
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